Friday, April 6, 2012

How to play Egg Wars

Whoa, two posts in one day?? I felt I just couldn't leave you for your Easter weekend without first bestowing upon you the greatest game to hit Easter since the Egg's called Egg Wars.

So I'm just figuring out now that my family must have made this game up, cause come every Easter none of my friends know what the hell I'm talking about when I suggest we play Egg Wars. So I teach them, and hilarity ensues, and now I'm going to teach you:

STEP 1: Start by boiling your eggs {go here if you don't know how to hard-boil an egg}. You can also choose to leave your eggs as-is which makes for a little messier war. Just make sure if you choose the latter that you have on clothes that you don't mind getting egged.

STEP 2: Divide the eggs amongst the players, there can be however many players you like, just make sure there's at least two. Everyone takes their army of eggs and dyes or decorates them any way they like.

STEP 3: Once everyone has prepared their egg soldiers, two players start the war. Both players holds one of their eggs, pointy side facing forward toward their opponent.

STEP 4: On the count of three, both players hurl their egg forward! One of the eggs will be crushed in the process and that player is the loser {this is where the raw egg goo getting on your clothes issue will arise. Plus you know, salmonella is gross, but if you like the thrill of broken egg goo then go for it}

Graphics by Victory Paper Designs, of course
STEP 5: The egg that didn't break is the winner!! Now this player with this same trusty egg goes on to the next opponent, and the egg that doesn't break in that round moves forward and so on and so forth until one egg is crowned the ultimate winner.

Have a fun starting a WAR!!!


  1. omg, LOVE this graphic and LOVE this egg war! i am totally going to have to keep this in mind for next year (aka i am pinning it now).

    1. thanks jeni! we had super fun playing it yesterday, if only easter came around more than once a year!! x



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