Monday, January 30, 2012

New in the shoppe: Chic is where you find it art print

I've got a lovely new art print that has just been added to Victory Paper Designs' online shoppe! This art print illustrates a quote from American fashion designer, Bonnie Cashin, one of the original pioneers of Coach handbags. From Stephanie Day Iverson, Curator of the Bonnie Cashin Collection:

"Cashin's oft-stated credo, "chic is where you find it," sums up her belief that a "habit of wonder" and an ability to see relationships between objects and ideas far removed from the fashion world were the most important tools for a designer. Rather than look at fashion history, she was apt to cite the "rhythm of poetry or good reading" from John Gardner, Henry Thoreau, Georges Seferis, Buckminster Fuller or Bertrand Russell as a means to stretch her mind and find inspiration for ready-to-wear designs."

{ Victory Paper Designs }

As a designer it can sometimes to difficult to come up with original ideas that aren't just a knock-off of someone else's designs. It's when we think outside of our areas of expertise and allow ourselves to be inspired by other mediums that something truly magical is made; that's what chic is to me. I think this print would be so inspiring for a fabulous workspace. You can pick yours up here while supplies last! x

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