Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: The Pup

1. Humunga Stache Dog Toy via Animals Zone // 2. Dog bowl from Ancient Industries // 3. Wowo ellipse pet bed via Elite Choice // 4. Leash from Cody's Creations // 5. Sherpa A.K.C. Tan nylon duffle via eBay // 6. Bastis hook from Ikea
Time for another installment of my Holiday Gift Guides! {Catch up on past Gift Guides here!} I must admit, last year I didn't end up getting a present for my pup, but luckily Matt's mom came to the rescue and had some goodies under the tree that Penny just went nuts over! {Moms are good like that, aren't they?} This year I plan to include her in the holiday festivities and at least throw her a bone or two {pun intended}.

I literally laughed out loud at this chew toy that has a big handlebar moustache attached to the ball...I imagine this would look even sillier on my chihuahua and therefore would add to my entertainment. There's many cute colors to choose from with these dog bowls, and this bed is comfy without looking like an eyesore. A polka dotted leash is sure to make her the cutest pup on the neighborhood walk! You can even hang it on this pup shaped wall hook in your entryway! And tote her around in style in this sweet carrier! As always, Happy Shopping! xoxo

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