Monday, November 28, 2011

From ZineFest

Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! For me, it's been non-stop visiting {and eating} with family and preparing for and participating in ZineFest yesterday! It almost feels like a welcome change to the busy weekend to get back into the swing of my regular routine at work {almost...}.

ZineFest was fun, it was held at Gilman's, a historic punk rock venue and Green Day's old stomping grounds! It was great to meet many great local artists and crafters and to just hang out and people-watch. Here's a few shots of my booth set-up!

{ Victory Paper Designs }
Thanks again to all who came out to show their support and a special thanks to Rock Paper Scissors Collective for hosting us! We hope to be back again real soon!!


  1. How fun! Your blog is so cute! Especially the banner. :)

  2. Thanks Kinsey! I just popped over to your much fun stuff! You're quite the artful lady ;)



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