Thursday, September 1, 2011


I just got back from a fun filled trip in San Diego last night. It was a short trip, but any time that I'm at an airport I get a sense of travel and adventure from various passengers donning maxi dresses and a tan with unidentifiable accents from some exotic location; my wanderlust kicks into high gear. I'm completely lusting after ALL of these pictures from Sunsurfer's tumblr, and could easily repack my bags to jet off to any of these gorgeous locations in a heartbeat

La Friterie, Paris, France via davidgirelo

Sea Cliffs, Porto Katsiki, Greece via assortedjams

Scenic Street, County Cork, Ireland via scanlon

Hammock Time, The Bahamas via starsmending

Blue Dusk, Venice, Italy via isacg

Chartreuse Arch, French Alps via davidfoster

Blue Patio, Mykanos, Greece via Buddha Interiors

Lavender Fields, Sault, Provence, France via corporatefineart

Room with a View, Paris, France via fodors

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