Monday, July 18, 2011

Puppy Love

This weekend Matt and I headed out to Half Moon Bay with our pup, Penny, in tow; it was her first trip to the beach and she wasn't as scared of the crashing waves as I thought she would be. We toted her around to the local shops and fed her table scraps at the local seafood eatery...she was loving every second of it. Every time we take her on a lil adventure she gets into lounge mode when we get home, curling up and drifting off to puppy dreamland instantly. I came across these doggie beds from See Scout Sleep and would love to have a stylish bed such as these for Pen after a long day of running around! I love the cleverness of having shrimp pictured on the smaller dog bed...for a little shrimp of a pup!

See Scout Sleep

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