Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Roundup: I scream, you scream...

With a heat wave still blazing through parts of the country, (never hit here in's a moderate 60 degrees out right now) everyone seems to be clamoring for a way to cool off, be it air-conditioned compounds, swimming pools, or yes, ice cream; such a staple of summer and undoubtedly a welcome relief from the baking sun. Grab a scoop, won't you?

1. DIY ice cream holder from 100 Layer Cake,  2. Eat Drink Chic ice cream gift tags,  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Neapolitan dress worn by the gorgeous Blair of Atlantic-Pacific,  4. Ice cream truck photo by Eliza Claire,  5. Animal cracker ice cream sandwiches from Oh Joy!,  6. Vintage ice cream spoons from BeachHouseLiving,  7. SKYplay photo series by Horst via Double Takes blog,  8. Notched bowl from Pigeon Toe Ceramics,  9. DIY ice cream sandwiches by Twig & Thistle,  10. Betsey Johnson Sweet Treats tote via Nordstrom 

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