Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chic repurposed chairs

I'm a bit of a chair fiend; if there's one item of furniture that I just melt over it's a good side chair. I love going to thrift stores and picking up shabby lil chairs and incorporating them into my home...I had this tacky green floral upholstered side chair for the longest time that I had to part ways with during my last move (much to Matt's delight) and I've been looking for some kind of replacement that could occupy a corner or hallway once we move into a bigger place. I'm pretty much in love with these repurposed chairs from Rubbish Rehab where they transform an old chair by repainting and reupholstering it to make it bright, fun, and totally chic. I'm bookmarking this for my future home.

Rubbish Rehab
via Alice in Designland

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