Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Roundup: Window Shopping

I've really been trying to save money lately and not blow my paychecks on frivolous items like shoes and purses (even though there are more than a few Kate Spade purses I've had my eye on!). So I've limited myself to window shopping, just browsing through the little delights I've disciplined myself away from...there are, in addition, some quite delightful window treatments themselves that boost this experience's visual stimulation. As a former intern at a graphics company that specialized in window decals, I can tell you cutting and applying these little displays is no easy feat (#4 below is an example of my own handy-work from that internship, created for Gump's department store in SF!) Window shop a few windows below:

1. A Friend of Mine for Milkbar cafe,  2. Shanna Murray for Little Winter Market,  3. Oblation Papers & Press via Oh So Beautiful Paper,  4. Ground Zero Graphics for Gump's,  5. Justin Fuller,  6. Lola Home

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