Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Roundup: Biiiicycle Biiiicycle

There's this lovely little bike trail by my house that if I hadn't given away my bike a few months ago I'd totally be riding today. It's such a pretty sight, it runs along the waterfront and into the Berkeley Marina. It's fun to ride recreationally but it's also almost necessary when running errands in Berkeley, unless you wanna circle a three block perimeter for half an hour until you find parking. Here's a roundup of all things that embrace our two-wheeled companions

1. Chanel Bicycle,  2. Design House Stockholm bicycle basket,  3. Anthropologie,  4. Bicycle Correspondence Set by Yellow Owl Workshop,  5. Urban Outfitters magnetic poetry kit,  6. Greece on my Wheels by Edward Enfield, cover art by Alice Stevenson,  7. Le Cyclone Cycle Sans Chaine Milders Fils wood platter from MayberryGeneralStore,  8. 6-pack frame cinch from WalnutStudiolo (don't drink and ride),  9. CB2 bicycle mirrors via Apartment Therapy,  10. Kate Spade Essex Bike Scout

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