Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In the Studio: Me and my Smokey

{ Victory Paper Designs}
This past Valentine's Day was me and the hubby's first together! In honor of the holiday, I created this card for him picturing us together (I lovingly call him my Smokey the Bear <3). At the time, our schedules prevented us from seeing each other during the week and the Day O' Love fell on a Monday this year. We had celebrated over the prior weekend with dinner at Skates on the Marina in Berkeley, but I wanted to leave him a lil' something special on the actual day. Turns out leaving it in his sock drawer didn't work out as he grabbed a fresh pair out of the dryer that morning (or maybe he wore dirty socks that day), so I woke up and told him to look in his drawer. It's the thought that counts, eh?

Later, I framed the card in an old Danish frame I've had for years from a thriftstore, and hung it over our workspace, nestled next to Conan and Bob Dylan
{ Victory Paper Designs }

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