Monday, May 30, 2011

To live a creative life...

I've been kind of worrying and stressing over the prospect of my business lately. This is a whole new realm for me that's scary and exciting at the same time. As a designer, it can be nerve-wracking to be putting your creative ideas and voice out there with the hopes that someone in the general public will not only understand your point of view but appreciate it as well. For me, this business and this blog is my way of being able to express me in a way that I'm unable to do in my corporate cubicle existence. I hope the new work I create and post for Victory Paper Designs can live up to this community of artists and designers that I've discovered online and have grown to admire over the years; but mostly I hope that you as readers enjoy the daily posts and the designs I produce, and I hope you'll think of Victory Paper for you or your friends' design needs. Drop me a line sometime even to just say hi! I love to hear from you
"Creative Life" print by hellocherie

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