Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Roundup: Child's Play

1. Julia Rothman pattern, 2. Elementary Lovenotes from Curiosity Shoppe, 3. Where the Wild Things are Fort Contest runner-up Dianne Que, 4. Luxe Expressions, 5. Pistachio Press, 6. KidTYPERuled by DS Design, 7. Homelife in Faraway Lands by Hollie Chastain, 8. Stripey straws by Jack and Lulu

As a kid, I loved arts and crafts; there was nothing that brought me more joy than to paint a giant orange square on a large sheet of butcher paper and show it off to my ever encouraging mother. At the time I felt like anything was possible, like I could grow up to become a famous artist just like Picasso and that the big orange square would be proof of my artistic genius at a young age...then again, I also thought it was possible that I was secretly a mermaid and that I just needed salt water to transform my legs into fins like Daryl Hannah in Splash. Either way, there's so much imagination and creativity in the mind of a child, it can inspire artists to create some wonderfully whimsical designs. These items have my inner child squealing in excitement!

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